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About us

Robert Gniady & Wiesław Gniady (brothers and owners of the company) established Gniady & Gniady (G & G) based on 15 years of extensive experience in the construction of sailing and luxury motor yachts gained in the Netherlands.

Gniady & Gniady deals with independent and comprehensive construction of aluminium hulls of 10 to 50 meters, superstructures, superstructure sections, masts, piping systems and cable line structures; and installation of equipment for mega motor yachts (REFIT) 25-110 m and mega sailing yachts 10-65 m, and a variety of aluminium and steel structures for the yacht and ship industry in the European Union.

In 2012, G & G began the construction of a series of aluminium catamarans to be used for operation of wind farms at sea.

As a result of long-term experience, our company has created independent, well-equipped and mobile construction, installation and welding teams that perform services for customers in Poland and across the European Union, in particular in the Netherlands.
High-quality assembly and welding services, comprehensive operations, high mobility and flexibility have resulted in collaboration with prominent and reputable luxury yacht shipyards in the Netherlands. Gniady & Gniady is a member of LLOYDS (the Netherlands) and GL (Germany).

We encourage European yacht shipyards and design studios interested in establishing business relations to do business with us. We are not afraid of challenges, following the motto: We make the impossible possible.
We offer:
  • construction of yachts and catamarans,
  • comprehensive construction of hulls, superstructures, masts, piping systems and construction of cable lines,
  • installation of equipment for motor and sailing yachts,
  • aluminium and steel structures for the yacht industry,
  • welding services,
  • renovations and repairs of yachts.